What data about me do you collect?

Simple Call Blocker does not collect user data, and sends nothing to the developer.

That said, the app obviously collects data that you enter into it, and it has a couple user preferences. All of this data is stored locally, as described below.

Phone numbers and phone number ranges

All phone numbers and phone number ranges you enter into Simple Call Blocker are stored locally on your phone using Apple’s Core Data framework. The app stores only the numbers you enter. No personal identifying information is associated with those numbers.

Usage data to display the iOS rating pop-up not too often

The app will store the following information (only) in its local user preferences database, for the purposes of displaying, occasionally, the familiar iOS dialog that asks for an App Store Rating:

  • the first date you opened the app
  • the most recent date you opened the app
  • the most recent date the app showed you the App Store review request dialog

Preference data to show, or not show, the welcome screen

There is a true/false user preference that is saved that tell the app to show the Welcome screen the next time it is opened.

What happens to the local data that is stored?


In no way does is this data tied to you, your Apple account, your device identifier, or anything. In addition, this data never leaves your device. Simple Call Blocker does not interface with the network in any way.