Simple Call Blocker

Simple Call Blocker

No business model, no up-sell, no B.S.

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Simple Call Blocker is a utility that lets you block unwanted calls to your iPhone.

It allows you to add individual numbers, or ranges of numbers, that you wish to block to the blacklist.

You may also whitelist numbers or ranges of numbers, so that they will not be blocked by this app, even if they are in the blacklist.

Optionally, you may also whitelist all of your phone’s contacts.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Simple Call Blocker doesn’t actually block numbers itself—no app can. Instead, it feeds blacklisted phone numbers to the Phone app via a “Call Directory app extension”. The extension is reloaded whenever you launch the app, or when you make a change to the blacklist or whitelist within the app. Switching the extension on and off within the iOS Settings app will also reload it.

Does the app contain a list of known phone spammers to block?

No. Simple Call Blocker does not provide or maintain a known spammers blacklist. There are several other iOS call blockers that do, which you can use for free, if that feature is important to you. You may use Simple Call Blocker in conjunction with one of those other apps to blacklist additional numbers.

Why would I use this app, when others are free?

Three reasons:

  1. Simple Call Blocker allows you to block a range of phone numbers, to help prevent “neighbor spam”, for free. Other apps may let you blacklist individual phone numbers, but require an in-app purchase or paid subscription to block ranges of numbers.
  2. Simple Call Blocker does not collect your personal information. You do not need to provide it access to you contacts for the whitelist to work (though the “whitelist contacts” will not work). In contrast, some call blockers require a subscription or even a login to their web service in order to work.
  3. Simple Call Blocker is designed to be very simple and reliable. In contrast, with many call blockers, it is hard to determine how many numbers are in the blacklist, whether or not the “Call Directory app extension” is loaded, and so on.

This app doesn’t do everything I want!

You can always try another app, either instead of Simple Call Blocker, or right beside it. There’s no rule that you can’t use multiple apps to block calls. For instance, you can use an app that maintains a list of spam callers to block that list, and then use Simple Call Blocker to block a range of numbers to prevent “neighbor spam”.

How much does this app cost?

It is free and always will be. There is no up-sell, no business model, and no B.S.

Is it free software?

Simple Call Blocker is “free as in beer” (gratis) not “free as in speech” (libre).

Do I have to give you any personal information or sign up for any service?

No. The app requires no login and no sign-up with a web service. Your data never leaves your phone.

Numbers are not being blocked!

First, check the app’s Status tab to see if the blocker is enabled, and if the blocker is loaded.

This app does not work in my country!

Please email the developer with specific details about the problem.

Can I block every number except those in my contacts list?

No. There is a limit to how many numbers can be blocked, but that limit is not documented anywhere. Simple Call Blocker’s Status screen will display whether or not the blocker loaded successfully.

The Status screen says the blocker is enabled, but did not load correctly!

There are two main reasons that the blocker did not load:

  1. The blocker is disabled. Check your Phone settings and enable Simple Call Blocker there.
  2. There are too many numbers in the blacklist. Reduce the size of the blacklist.

What data about me do you collect?

Simple Call Blocker does not collect user data, and sends nothing to the developer.

It does track your usage of the app in a very simple way, for the purposes of displaying, occasionally, the familiar iOS dialog that asks for an App Store Rating. The app will store the following information (only) in its local user preferences database:

  • the first date you opened the app
  • the most recent date you opened the app
  • the most recent date the app showed you the App Store review request dialog

Is the app open source?


Why not?

My first app, TodoTxtMac, was open source. People copied the entire app and charged money for it in the Mac App Store. Based on the software license I gave it, that was permissible, but it still felt like stealing from me.

Why not charge for it then?

Because I want it to be free. All the other iOS call blockers I found have a free tier, but require an in-app purchase to block ranges of numbers, which is the only useful thing they could do.

I wanted to create a free alternative to those apps.

Will you ever open source it?

I will probably open-source the app when I no longer wish to support it.

It looks so plain and boring!

Simple Call Blocker is a utility. It isn’t built to be pretty—it’s built to be functional.

The simple black and white color scheme (fitting, for a blacklist- and whitelist-creating app) and use of default iOS controls are intentional. The app should be reliable and easy to support going forward, as new versions of iOS are released.

I have a problem not listed here!

Please email the developer with specific details about the problem.

Privacy Policy

Simple Call Blocker does not collect any of your information, period. No data within the app or accessed by the app is ever transmitted to the developer.